Sunday, January 17, 2010

Top 10 Design Trends for 2010

Out with the old and in with the new is the age old saying. But this year we are noticing it's out with the new and in with the old for 2010.

1. Color Palette

Purple is still big! This past year we saw a lot of purple in fashion and design and it will continue this year. A pop of the color purple on your bedding like a nice plush throw or a group of pillows are exactly what a tired bedroom needs to wake it up!
Purple is a very luxe color dating all the way back to the Victorian days when royals would use purple on their walls, furniture and accessories. The richness and vibrancy of purple will help you achieve that "hotel chic" or "boutique" look for your room.
Also you'll see that Grey is the new "beige" of 2010.
Grey and Purple make a great color combination as well a Yellow and Grey. With the smokiness of Grey and the warmth of the other colors it gives the room life. Grey also works really well with black or white accent pieces, such as tables or picture frames. But don't be afraid to experiment with other color combinations with grey. Such as Orange/Tangerine or something bold like Magenta or Teal. The possibilities are endless!

2. Bolder Designs

I think 2009 brought a lot of design styles that were a bit safe at times and didn't exactly have alot going on. I think the recession of 2009 reflected in the styling of homes and many choose to play it safe. But this is a new year, a new decade and I believe the boldness of color and design ideas will emerge bigger and better than ever.
You'll see more glitz, more glam and more sparkle! Don't be afraid to embrace vibrant colors and bold patterned prints.

3. Old is New Again

I have always had a love for old things. Whether it's the whithered desk of my grandmothers, or the antique 1920's shabby chic style bed in my room I have a huge place in my heart for things that have a story. And this year it will become more and more common for people to embrace their antique and vintage pieces.
There is nothing wrong with buying new furniture but in order to get the look of a home instead of a "model home", it needs to look lived in. And a one shop stop to Ikea will not help you achieve that look. Instead go to numerous places. Browse antique shops, flea markets, garage and estate sales. Even look online at such places as Ebay, Craigslist and Kijiji which has new listings everyday of unwanted pieces that too some may be junk but too others is a real treasure!

4. Wallpapered Ceilings

I think most people have seen the wallpapered accent walls. The one wall in a room with the bold wallpaper on it. And although this is still very much in, one of the newest sensation is wallpaper on the ceiling! I know, I know, you are probably thinking that's crazy but bare with me on this.
If you like to play it relatively safe in your home when it comes to color on the walls, then this might be the best thing for you. Picture a room with beige walls and neutral furniture. Why not make an unexpected impact by putting a deep red damask wallpaper on the ceiling. Tie the red into cushions, throws or drapes. You will have a beautiful room with an instant WOW factor and without over doing it!

5. Textures

So the theme of Bamboo and more organic earthy textures will continue into 2010. Headboards made of natural woven bamboo will be a must have for many trying to achieve the Eco friendly style. Even crocheted pillows and throws are making a comeback. Maybe our grandmothers did know a thing or two about their design choices.
You will also notice recycled glass being used in vases, bowls and even kitchen and bathroom countertops.

6. Mix It Up
We all remember our days of youth. Moving into our college dorms or scuzzy first apartments with every single piece of furniture no one else in our family wanted that we were so willing and excited to take. Looking back on it now I can't believe some of the horrible design choices I made. But the one trend this year is to mix your retro pieces with your classic ones. A great way to bring you traditional wing back chair or Louis VII piece up to date is to put a bold modern prints on it.

7. Layers

Layering will be big this year. Whether it's a striped runner over a large modern geometric print rug or multiples of the same rug in different bold colors overlapping each other. If you're hating your boring beige carpet but don't want to go through the money or hassle of ripping it out, buy a bold patterned rug that you love and layer it over the carpet. It's an instant wow factor and will save you a lot of time and money.

8. Keep It Real

Forget faux. It is time to embrace the natural patinas of the wood, metals and other materials. Flaws and all! Even the hints of rust and water marks on these pieces will bring out the realness of them and will give our homes character.
9. The Well-Traveled Look

If you have been lucky enough to travel then hopefully you have brought back more than just memories from your travels. Now more than ever, souvenirs are a great items to display in your home. Not only do they add visual interest to a room but they also tell a story, and are great conversation pieces.

10. Artisan Inspired

Embracing your local woodworkers, craftsmen and other local artists is always a great way to bring uniqueness to your home. Even if you are a fan of modern style, having natural hand made wooden decor items and hand blown glass pieces will give your place a sense of wonder and excitement.

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