Tuesday, April 19, 2011

D.I.Y Photo Booth

As soon as I heard about the latest trend happening at weddings and birthday parties I had to blog about it! Imagine having a photo booth at your party or wedding! Well, without the huge rental fees, you can! And all on a d.i.y. budget as a matter of fact!

If you are looking to a have a huge wow factor then enlist the help of a carpenter or a handy man or handy woman to build you a faux wall. Make sure to have several cut outs in the wall for people to take pictures from. You will need some wallpaper of your choice, some frames (just take out the glass and backings) and voila, your very own photo booth. You can hire a photographer or loyal friend to be ready to capture the moments of guests posing!

If you don't have large budget but want to create a simple photo booth, then here are some ideas. Hang a sheet (plain or patterned, depending on theme) on a clothes line or a sturdy wire. This will be your photo backdrop. Next compile a basket full of props, such as; faux mustaches, hats, masks etc. The guests can add some fun to their photos with the props and will give you a good laugh when going through the photos. Instead of hiring a photographer, set your camera up on a tripod with the timer setting on. And voila! Your very own photo booth of memories that will impress all your guests!

I will be doing this for my son's 4th birthday party this summer. His birthday theme will be vintage carnival. The below pictures are my inspiration! I will make sure to post pictures from his party at a later date!